Desert Locust Control Committee (DLCC)

Pakistan is a member of DLCC (FAO) established in 1975 to keep liaison with locust-affected countries all over the world.

FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in South West Asia (SWAC)

Pakistan is a Member of SWAC (FAO) since the establishment of commission-December 1964.

Annual Pak-Iran Joint Locust Survey

21 days Pak-Iran Joint Locust Survey is undertaken on either side of the border in Balochistan (Pakistan) and Sistan-Balochistan & Hurmazgan (Iran) under the aegis of FAO.

Monthly Indo-Pak Locust Border meetings

Six Indo-Pak border meetings are held between the locust officers of Pakistan & India at Khokhropar /Munabao border points from June to November every year.