Export and Exportation means to take out from Pakistan to any place outside Pakistan by sea, land or air. Use of phytosanitary procedures leading to the issue of a phytosanitary certificate.


Exporter means any person who, whether as owner, consigner, agent to the broker, is in possession of, or in any way entitled to the custody or control of the plant.

Export Steps

1. Quarantine Export Procedures and SOPs
2. Business Process Flow Diagram of Export of Plant and Plant Material
3. Required Documents
4. Online Application


Export/ Re-Export of Plant and Plant Material – Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificate (PC)

Business Process Flow Diagram of Export and Transit of Plant and Plant Material

Quarantine Export Procedures and SOPs

The Quarantine export procedure includes fulfillment of the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country. The export procedure is given below:

1. Market Access to be granted by the importing country (through the issuance of import permit or online or otherwise notification).
2. To undertake inspection, sampling, treatment (if any), and certification as per the requirement of the importing country.
3. Issuance of the phytosanitary certificate as per the guidelines of the ISPM-12 (Phytosanitary Certificate)

Required Documents

For Export following documents are required:

• Application on prescribed Performa (Click Here) at least a day before the shipment in case of non-perishable plant and plant product.
• Applicants National Identity Card
• Authority Letter from the proprietor (in case of an agent)
• Fee Deposit prescribed challan on Form 32-A. (Click Here)
• Valid Import Permit issued by the importing country or online or otherwise the notification by the importing country
• Commercial Invoice
• Packing List
• Traceability Certificate for high-risk commodities
• Treatment Certificate (if any)
• Container Information
• Any other document prescribed the department from time to time