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Pakistan has unique topography consisting high sand dunes, hilly terrains and lot of inaccessible areas resisting for any ground operation against the active movement of locust swarm.

The 300,000 Square kilometers of our scheduled desert becomes heaven to breeding locust with ideal climatic condition in the season of monsoon. It is further added that due better irrigation system in last decade our cultivated area has been noticeably increased. Once the locust bands becomes swarms they are able to fly to a distance of more than 200 kilometers in a day easily subject to favorable wind conditions and they are a day or two away from our valued crops.

Therefore the crop wealth is dangerously close to breeding area of the deadly pest i.e Locust and in such condition there is no other way to save this wealth accept from Aerial support.

The preparedness to combat locust attack is therefore, as necessary as that against enemy across the borders, calamities like floods and earthquakes, and accident like fire. Armed forces, fire fighting establishments and disaster/emergency release Cells are living examples to counter any such threats/emergencies.

Hence the maintenance of Aerial Wing not becomes a requirement but, necessity.

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