Pesticides Registration Laboratory (FPTRL)


The Federal Pesticide Testing and Reference Laboratory located at Department of Plant Protection, Karachi. This laboratory was establish to analyze and test formulated pesticide sample for registration to ensure and streamline import of pesticide as per registered composition and specification; and to provide quality control at the time of import etc.

Operating Under:

Agriculture Pesticide Ordinance 1971 As amended up to 1997


1992 under TCP/Pak/0051

Became Functional:

December 1996 vide S.R.O. 847 (I) 96


• Testing Samples for Registration , Sent by importer under Rule 4 of APR 1973.
• Testing Samples for Appeal, Sent by importer sub section (2) under Section 17 of APR 1971.
• Samples acquired at the time of imports of pesticide for quality control.
• Sample Testing of officially purchased Chemicals.
• Training of provincial Chemists.
• Testing samples on farmers request under section 20 (Form-8)

Functions of Pesticides Laboratory

The functions of the Pesticides Laboratory have been defined under the Section 20 of the Agriculture Pesticides Rule 1973 as under:

(a) to analyze and test such samples of pesticides as may be sent to it under the ordinance and               these rules; and
(b) to carry out such other duties as may be entrusted to it by the Federal Government or a Provincial      Government.


Senior Chemist (BPS-18),
(Government Analyst),
Plant Pathologist (BPS-17),
Chemist (BPS-17),
Asst. Chemist (I),
Asst. Chemist (II),
Asst. Chemist (III)


Associated Lab are established in consultation with the provincial agricultural department by the federal government and are declared as provincial pesticide laboratories to carry out the functions entrusted under Agricultural Pesticide Act. 1997.

List of the existing associated pesticides laboratories are given below:

• Pesticides Testing Laboratory, Department of Agriculture, Lahore, Punjab.
• Pesticides Testing Laboratory, Plant Protection Institute, Faisalabad, Punjab.
• Pesticides Testing Laboratory, Department of Agriculture, Multan, Punjab.
• Pesticides Quality Control Laboratory, Bahawalpur, Punjab.
• Pesticides Quality Control & Testing Laboratory, Hyderabad, Sindh.
• Pesticides Testing Laboratory, Department of Agriculture Rohri, Sindh.
• Pesticides Testing Laboratory, Mirpur Khas, Sindh.
• Pesticides Testing Laboratory, Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab, Peshawar.
• Pesticides Quality Control and Research Laboratory, Quetta, Balochistan.