Desert Locust Control Committee (DLCC) (

Pakistan is the member of DLCC (FAO) established in 1975 to keep liaison with locust affected countries all over the world.

FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in South West Asia (SWAC)

Pakistan is the Member of SWAC (FAO) since the establishment of the commission-December 1964.

Annual Pak-Iran Joint Locust Survey

21 days Pak-Iran Joint Locust Survey is undertaken on either side of the border in Balochistan (Pakistan) and Sistan-Balochistan & Hurmazgan (Iran) under the aegis of FAO.

Monthly Indo-Pak Locust Border meetings

Six Indo-Pak border meetings are held between the locust officers of Pakistan & India at Khokhropar /Munabao border points from June to November every year.