Locust Control & Survey

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Control Operations

Locust (16)
The Department has a network of locust outposts in both the winter-spring as well as summer-monsoon breeding zone.


FAO Locust Watch
The Desert Locust (schistocerca gregaria) is one of the deadliest insect pest, which if unchecked, plays havoc with agricultural economy of the country.


FAO Locust Watch
Locust Control Operation in summer-monsoon breeding zone 2010 The locust activity remained calm in the winter-spring zone during 2010 but in the summer breeding zone i.e. in Thar and Cholistan Deserts.

Locust Survey Work

Locust_Plant Protection
The Department of Plant Projection has the mandate to undertake desert locust survey and control operations in the scheduled desert area of the country.

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    Export of Mango to Australia 2010 – NPPO-NPPO and
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