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In last sixty years this Department has fought successfully, eighteen times the onslaught of desert locust out of which nine times there were sever attacks in years 1951,1961,1962,1973,1978,1982,1983,1989 and lately 1993. Each time area cleared from locust attacks was between 50000 acres to 550,000 acres. As the locust threat is impending. FAO and other international agencies for our international obligation have always commended the efforts of Department of Plant Protection again locust survey and control, not only in land, but also in foreign countries like kuwait, Iran, Oman and Afghanistan.

During 1978 and 1993 Pakistan has faced a serious attacks of locust but Department completelt controlled all exotic swarms from ground and aerial operations. In the locust campaign of 1978 where the affected area was desert of Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh, the twelve aircraft were deployed and all the infected areas measuring upto 22500 Sq. Km were cleared consisting of 350 swarms/swarm-lets and 150000 hoppers band. Whereas during the locust campaign of 1993, in which National Emergency was declared. 21 Aircraft were serviceable, Sixteen were deployed at eight bases (two each) from Thar to Cholistan Desert and twelve aircraft were airborne at a time. The total of 497 swarms/swarm-lets and 60254 hoppers hands of variable dimension were controlled and all the infected areas of 18789 sq. Km. Were cleared by consuming 1420 hours of flying.

A Part from its invested function of Locust survey and control the aerial wing remain stand by for any pest epidemic on crop and operates whenever requested by provincial Agriculture Departments. The Aerial Wing had performed following functions successfully since last Sixty years.

  1. Locust Control
  2. Agricultural Crop Spray
  3. Aerial Seed Broad Casting
  4. Hygienic Spray Operations
  5. Leaflet Dropping
  6. Foreign Countries Spray Mission (Oman, Kuwait, Iran)
  7. Uranium Exploration Survey
  8. Aerial Photography
  9. Anti Narcotic Operation
  10. Artificial Rain Project

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