The Aerial wing of DPP is the sole emergency response unit in the region, The primary function of the Aerial Wing is locust control while other functions includes Aerial crop spraying, Aerial seed broadcasting, Hygine spray operation, leaflet dropping for awareness, participation in foreign countries spray mission under bilateral agreements with friendly countries; uranium exploration survey, Aerial photography, Anti narcotics operations and participation in artificial rain project. It was established in 1951 with Piper Cubs. Initially helicopters and Auster aircrafts were used on limited scale for Aerial Pest Control by DPP. Then Beaver aircrafts (Canadian single-engine) were introduced. Later on Fletchers and Cessnas aircrafts were added to the fleet. The Aerial Wing also have the technical manpower and maintenance supporting shops duly approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. This is one of the oldest Aerial Wing in the sub-continent and has played a major role in pest control in Pakistan.